FAQ – 2020 Liberal National Convention | Liberal Party of Canada


  • When and where is the Liberal Party of Canada’s National Convention?

    The 2020 Liberal National Convention will be held November 12-15, 2020 – featuring two and a half full days of keynotes, sessions, and workshops – at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa: 55 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON.

  • What are the registration fees?

    The Liberal Party of Canada has once again worked to keep the registration fees near record lows, to encourage as many Liberals as possible to attend from across the country – including maintaining the lowest fees in decades for young Canadians. You must pay your registration amount when you register.

    If you are not a Victory Fund or Laurier Club donor, you must sign up (join the Laurier Club, donate to the Victory Fund) prior to registering in order to benefit from the reduced fees.

  • What are important dates to remember?

    January 22: Registration opens

    Early bird registration is open for a limited time only!

  • How do I get involved in the policy development process?

    Stay tuned for more details!

  • How do I pay for my registration fee?

    Registration fees must be paid either from an individual’s own personal funds, by an Electoral District Association, or from funds raised through other eligible contributors. We cannot accept cash payments, or payments from corporations. If registering onsite, then you can pay by credit card or debit.

    For more detailed information for EDAs on how to assist registrants with their fees and expenses, click here.

  • Is my registration fee eligible for a tax receipt?

    Yes. A receipt for income tax purposes will be issued to all delegates and observers for an eligible contribution amount. A portion of your registration fee is considered a donation to the Liberal Party of Canada and is therefore tax-deductible and entitles you to a tax credit. The size of your tax credit depends on the amount you donate in 2020.

  • How will my registration information be used and protected?

    Protecting the information of the Canadians with whom we engage is a foremost priority for the party in all of our operations, organizing, and communications – and of course, that includes our 2020 Liberal National Convention.

    As one part of that commitment, the Liberal Party of Canada has a clear and stringent privacy policy in place which is designed to protect individual Canadians’ private information by ensuring its confidentiality, security and accuracy. This policy can be viewed here: www.liberal.ca/privacy

    In certain circumstances, the party may also share convention attendees’ names with our 2020 Liberal National Convention hosting partners such as the convention centre, event venues, or hotels. Candidates for the National Board of the party or the National Executive of the party’s commissions may also receive lists of eligible voters, and the temporary use of those lists is strictly governed by our privacy policy and bylaws.

  • Media Inquiries

    The media accreditation process is not yet open. For all other media inquiries, please contact media@liberal.ca